Tote bags that launch Spotify playlists

Chemical-free, Fairtrade-certified un-dyed Organic cotton

Few things say “I care” more than a playlist. But copy-pasting a link isn’t very magical. Cue Mixtotes.

Chemical-free, Fairtrade produce and manufactured, un-dyed certified Organic cotton tote bags, adorned with your personal message and Spotify code.

The best way to share music you love with your friends, lovers, significant others, pets, haven’t-labelled-its, and everyone in between.

Buy now, make your playlist later

The best news is you can order now and finish your playlist while we’re making your bag. Just make sure you don’t delete or make a new playlist once you’ve bought your Mixtote, or the code’ll crash (boo).

Buy yours now, then spend the next week selecting the right tracks for that lucky recipient. And yes, you can totes (see what we did there) buy one for yourself too.

Mixtote Classic

Un-dyed, Organic cotton, Fairtrade grown, processed and made tote bag perfect for carrying hopes, dreams, laptops, headphones, aspirations, glitter, cake and everything else your special person carts about with them on the reg. Your message and Spotify code will be printed in timeless black.


There are two parts to personalise: your message, and your Spotify playlist code.

The message can be as long as you like, but remember that the longer it is, the smaller it’ll print because there’s only so much space.

The code is generated by us from the “Spotify URI” you’ll submit when checking out.

To find the URI, you just navigate to the Spotify playlist you want to share on your Mixtote, click on the three dots, choose Share, then choose Copy Link. This is the link to submit when you’re buying your bag.


The bag is 42cm tall and 37cm wide. It has 60cm shoulder straps. The printed area is up to 27x27cm. Basically, it’s a super little tote bag with loads of space for your message.

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Transparent Pricing

The bag + printing = £11.99

Our tote bags are certified Organic and Fairtrade, made from all-natural un-dyed cotton. Every step, including growing and processing the cotton, and the manufacture of the bag are all fully Fairtrade. When you buy a Mixture, you’re buying ethical.

They’re printed here in the UK and shipped to you free of charge.

If you choose express shipping, you’ll pay exactly what it costs. No profit is made from you wanting your item sooner.

Design + admin labour = £13.01

We take your message and make it look perfect for your bag. We turn your Spotify URI into a scanable code, and assemble these two elements into the final design, ready for the printers.

This cost covers design time, admin time, and helps to pay our hosting and e-commerce fees too.

Charity Donation = 10%

We have pledged to donate 10% of our profits to Cancer Research UK.